SACHEM to exhibit at IBC's Well Characterized Biologlicals Conference in Chantily, VA

SACHEM announced today that they will present a poster and exhibit at IBC’s September conference: Well Characterized Biologicals. Austin, TX – August 21, 2006 – SACHEM announced today that they will present a poster and exhibit at IBC’s September conference: Well Characterized Biologicals. Dr. Barry Haymore, Director of New Technology Development and Hemant Joshi, Biotechnology Research Scientist, will be presenting a poster on SACHEM’s new line of displacers for use in displacement chromatography. The poster, How Pure is Pure? Utilizing Displacement Chromatography to Identify Minor Impurity Components, demonstrates the power of SACHEM’s Isolis™ displacers
and displacement chromatography. SACHEM’s Isolis™ displacers coupled with displacement chromatography can identify and quantify product impurities that other methods cannot detect.

Isolis displacers coupled with displacement chromatography removes 95% of main component interference without affinity resins or prior knowledge of component identity. The impurities are concentrated (10-400X enrichment) in discrete zones between main component bands.

“These results are impressive and can be used in final lot analysis, characterization, process control and process optimization, remarks Dr. Richard Goodin, VP of Technology at SACHEM. “Proof of product purity is critical to biopharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies. Now they have a technique that enables a significantly improved approach to this important challenge.

In addition, SACHEM will offer “The Purity Challenge at the exhibition booth at IBC’s conference. “The Purity Challenge is a game that helps us illustrates the principals of displacement chromatography in a fun way, explains Rosemary Hoffman, Biotechnology Market Manager. The object of the game is to isolate impurities where the contestant is the “displacer and separates all impurities from the main components. Top winners of The Purity Challenge will be awarded the new Apple Nano.

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