Avanta™ | Energy Storage Materials

Avanta™ is our portfolio of performance components for energy storage materials. Avanta™ features ultra pure industry levels for metals and halides which are tunable for specific performance needs. Follow each link to learn more about the specific product line.

Avanta AC™ – A family of processing aid solutions, delivers unique advantages over inorganic compounds in the manufacture of advanced ceramic nanopowders.

Avanta EL™ – Salt and Hydroxides engineered to meet highest requirements from electrolyte’s capacitors manufacturers.

Avanta PV™ – Formulations for photovoltaic applications

Avanta RA™ – Reducing Agent

We constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and offer unique products and services to a market well-known for its demanding specifications. Contact us to talk with our team of R&D scientists about your application needs.

"Avanta™ | Energy Storage Materials"