Structure Directing Agent (SDA) Consulting Services

So your boss says it’s time to scale up that zeolite using a new SDA you cleverly discovered. Or maybe you’ve got a group of identified SDA’s that will work to make the zeolite, but you’re not sure which one is going to be the most cost effective to manufacture.

That’s where SACHEM steps in. Our SDA Service starts with an in-depth feasibility study of your SDA(s) which includes lab-scale production and eventually an estimated commercial cost of production. Sometimes, we can even suggest slight alternatives to an SDA that may dramatically reduce the cost of commercialization. Of course, everything about your project is reviewed under complete confidentiality.

Feasibility Study:

The feasibility part includes a lot of thinking, getting quotations from potential suppliers, and the laboratory scale production of up to 5 gallons. You will find our standard price list for small manufacturing quantities below. Typically we will make a one molar aqueous solution of your SDA for your initial evaluation and testing. The costs at this point are related more to setup fees, permitting paperwork, and small scale processing costs. Our lab processes are designed to closely mirror our commercial production processes so that they will scale up appropriately.

Scale-up and Commercialization:

SDA Services may include TSCA registration of your new compound(s). Under EPA guidelines for new molecules, we can make up to 1,000 kgs of neat material to support your Research and Development efforts on a rotating 12 month basis. Any quantities above this 1,000 kg threshold or any commercial quantities will require either a Low Volume Exemption (LVE), which allows production up to 10,000 kgs,or a Pre-Manufacturing Notification for higher quantities. SACHEM has much experience filing these applications.

Large Scale Manufacturing Costs:

We can’t really tell you what the commercial quantities are going to cost until we complete the feasibility study above. The small scale production will confirm if we are on the right track and should provide us enough information to provide you with a commercial estimate.

"Structure Directing Agent (SDA) Consulting Services"