Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Chemicals - Salego™

Pharmaceutical manufacturingWithin the pharmaceutical manufacturing market SACHEM has established a worldwide reputation for quality, innovation and service that exceeds our present customer’s expectations. SACHEM is an established producer of Phase Transfer Catalysts and develops and manufactures a whole line of strong organic base catalysts, building blocks and processing aids to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Salego™ is SACHEM’s portfolio of products for the pharmaceutical market.

Salego™ PTC – SACHEM’s product line of Phase Transfer Catalysts for the pharmaceutical market

Salego™ BASE – SACHEM’s portfolio of strong organic base catalysts for the pharmaceutical market

Salego™ INT – SACHEM’s family of building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry

Salego™ DSIL – SACHEM’s unique desilylation or deprotection agent for the pharmaceutical market

"Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Chemicals – Salego™"