Polymer Chemicals | Catana™

polymer chemicalsFor many decades SACHEM has a very diverse offering to the polymer chemicals market. In this segment we have a reputation of being reliable, flexible, quality driven, globally present and simply easy to deal with. Within the polymer market SACHEM is an established producer of catalysts, additives and auxiliaries for a diversity of polymers, adhesives and coatings. For the epoxy industry we offer a specific line of reactive diluents.

SACHEM’s product range for the polymer market, the Catana™ range, comprises a number of different application categories. Please click on any of the links to learn more about our unique product lines:

Catana™ PTC – SACHEM’s product line of Phase Transfer Catalysts for the polymer market

Catana™ CAA – SACHEM’s portfolio of catalysts, additives and auxiliaries for the polymer market

Catana™ EPOX – SACHEM’s family of reactive diluents for the epoxy industry

Catana™ TEC – SACHEM’s unique line of (trans)esterification catalysts

"Polymer Chemicals | Catana™"