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SACHEM is a leading supplier of semiconductor chemicals used in photolithography, selective etchants, wafer cleaners and chemical strippers for electronic manufacture applications for over 20 years. Our high purity expertise enables the design of novel formulation components to achieve complex selectivity goals. SACHEM has developed the Envure System™ to help meet the growing performance, safety and quality standards in the electronics industry.

Envure System™ is a portfolio of performance components and services for etching, cleaning, stripping & developer applications; All Envure™ products are tunable for specific performance requirements.

Available Products:

Envure SE™  for etching applications

Envure CL™ and Envure CM™  for cleaning and post-CMP applications

Envure DV™  for photoresist developer and lithography applications

Envure ST™  components for stripping applications requiring little or no water


Envure™ 308
Formulary for IC
Tetramethylammonium Fluoride (TMAF) 20% AQ
CAS# 373-68-2
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"Semiconductor Chemicals | Envure™"