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SACHEM creates components for the photoresist stripping process. Photoresist StrippingPhotoresist stripping is the last step in the lithography process. Once the photoresist has been deposited, exposed, developed, and the pattern has been transferred to the underlying film, the photoresist has to be removed. Envure ST™ products are used in the non-aqueous formulations used in this strip process, efficiently removing the organic photoresist without damaging the underlying films.


Available products

Envure ST™ 2011
Stripper formulary for TFT
Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) 20% PG
CAS# 75-89-2/57-55-6
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Envure ST™ 1051
Photoresist Stripper Formulary for IC
Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 40% Methanol
CAS# 2052-49-5/67-56-1
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Envure ST™ 314
Photoresist Stripper Formulary for IC
Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) Pentahydrate Crystals
CAS# 10424-65-4
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Envure ST™ 2012
Photoresist Stripper Formulary for IC
Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) 20% in PG
CAS# 57-55-6/75-59-2
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Photoresist stripping, or simply ‘resist stripping’, is the removal of unwanted photoresist layers from the wafer. Its objective is to eliminate the photoresist material from the wafer as quickly as possible, without allowing any surface materials under the resist to get attacked by the chemicals used. Resist stripping can be classified into: 1) organic stripping; 2) inorganic stripping; and 3) dry stripping.

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"Photoresist Stripping | Envure ST™"