Etchants & Cleaners for Semiconductor Surfaces

SACHEM has  highly effective cleaners and etchants to structure and remove residue from a variety of semiconductor surfaces.Silicon plate with processor cores

Envure CL™, a line of products developed to meet the continuing challenges facing the integrated circuit (IC) market.
The performance of Envure CL™ is tunable with temperature and concentration for your specific application needs.

Envure SE™  formulation components form the foundation in many critical formulations for etching applications for a variety of semiconductor surfaces. Let us help you tune these components for your individual application.

SACHEM also offers alternative products to TMAH in silicon etching.

Our goal is to provide you with the solution you have been looking for. Contact us to discuss your application needs or to learn more about:

SACHEM is a leading supplier of electronic formulation components used in developers, etchants, cleaners and strippers for electronic applications for over 20 years. Our high purity expertise enables the design of novel formulation components to achieve complex selectivity goals. SACHEM has developed the Envure System™ to help meet the growing performance, safety and quality standards in the semiconductor industry.


"Etchants & Cleaners for Semiconductor Surfaces"