Health, Safety, Environment & Community


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) protection is a prerequisite for everything we do at SACHEM.

This is central to our commitments to our customers, associates, and communities. We think you will agree SACHEM is at the forefront of global specialty chemicals companies as custodians of our products, facilities and the world around us.

Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS/SDS’s) are straightforward fact sheets that summarize all important health, safety and environmental information about a certain chemical.

Visit our Material Safety Datasheet database here: SDS Database


The safety of all of our associates our customers, our employees, or our communities is one of the foundations of SACHEM.  We take pride in our safety record and programs to protect our work sites, associates and communities.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Plans are a critical part of SACHEM’s HSE program.  Each facility has a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan that includes safely handling an emergency plant shutdown and restart.Furthermore, SACHEM’s worldwide production includes multiple manufacturing locations for the production of critical raw materials.  This will ensure a consistent and reliable supply of materials to our customers in the unlikely event of a disaster.

Site Security

The safety and security of our product, facilities, and associates is a critical concern of SACHEM.  To meet those needs we work with industry experts to design security systems to protect all of these.

SACHEM is committed to the communities in which we operate. We are proud of our involvement in activities and programs that support the environment.


SACHEM is a proud member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and work to enact the Codes of Management Practices for the Responsible Care® Initiative. American Chemistry Council

These initiatives drive our continuous improvement in the areas of HSE, operations, community involvement, and product stewardship. It provides a sound structure for our commitment to you on safety, health, and environment.

SACHEM has been found to conform to the Environmental Management System standard: American Chemistry Council Technical Specification Responsible Care® 14001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015  and ISO 9001:2015 for development and manufacturing of specialty chemicals.

Responsible Care®

Responsible CareParticipation in Responsible Care® is a condition of membership for ACC members and Responsible Care® Partner companies, all of which have made CEO-level commitments to uphold the program elements. The Responsible Care Guiding Principles are at the heart of the Responsible Care commitment—through these principles, members and Partners pledge to improve EHS&S performance for facilities, processes and products throughout the entire operating system.  [source:]

As a participating company, SACHEM provides annual reporting and data to measure our progress toward meeting and/or exceeding our goals.  This information is publicly available on the American Chemistry Council Responsible Care website.  Link to SACHEM Responsible Care® Policy.


Producing chemicals in the world today involves a strong commitment to the environment. Upholding the highest standards of HSE is at the core of our Mission.

TMAC Aquatic Toxicity and TMAH Biotoxicity

Contact us to request TMAC Aquatic Toxicity and TMAH Biotoxicity reports.


SACHEM will comply with the REACH legislation and is committed to the obligations thereof for products of its choice. SACHEM has the intention to pre-register all products we are producing and importing into the EU, according to the recently finalized REACH legislation. In due course we intend to apply for the necessary full registration within the appropriate time limits depending on individual conditions.

For questions regarding SACHEM’s policy towards REACH, please contact us.


Our proactive environmental efforts are a critical part of our Mission. SACHEM strives to continually reduce our global footprint by adhering to our core values of health, safety and environment.


Our Regenerative Flameless Thermal Oxidizer destroys 99.5 percent of our volatile organic carbon emissions at the SACHEM Americas Cleburne site – a rate that far surpasses U.S. government regulations. Recycle activities are underway to further reduce process waste. Learn More

Energy & resource use reduction programs

SACHEM is active in developing programs to minimize the use of energy and resources at our facilities. SACHEM completed a comprehensive Six Sigma project that resulted in lowering SACHEM’s overall utility usage by more than 6%. In addition, SACHEM will complete another Six Sigma project to significantly reduce raw material usage.


As a member of the global community, SACHEM is proud of our civic involvement both on a corporate and individual level.

SACHEM associates are involved in volunteer activities including leadership positions in non-profit organizations and academic institutions, neighborhood and environmental support associations, Boy Scout and Girl Scout of America activities and American Red Cross blood drives.

If you have a suggestion on a way SACHEM or SACHEM associates could help make a local difference in the area of HSE, please contact us and let us know.


"Health, Safety, Environment & Community"