TMAH Safety Services

SACHEM’s Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) is safely used in large quantities throughout the world. SACHEM is committed to providing support for your safe use of TMAH. Prevention of exposure or injury is the primary goal when handling any chemical.TMAH Safety

Safety Data Sheets
It is important to understand the health and safety hazards of TMAH and how to protect yourself. For a list of SACHEM’s TMAH and corresponding SDS’s, click here.

Request a Safety Support Package
This package includes information about TMAH, proper handling and safety precautions and appropriate engineering controls. To request a support package, please contact us

Additional Questions and On-Site Support
As always, SACHEM is here to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we are available to provide on-site TMAH safety support and collaborations, if needed. Please contact 512-421-4900.

TMAH Recycle
SACHEM is committed to caring for the environment and efficient use of resources. By combining our chemical science expertise and technology SACHEM has created the Mobius System®, an innovative recycle technology.

"TMAH Safety Services"