REACH Services

As a global specialty and fine chemical company, SACHEM is focused on the compliance obligation of REACH in order to Global Chemical Science Companycontinue the supply of our products in Europe.

SACHEM has pre-registered products and imported substances that we supply to our customers. This includes by-products that fall within the scope of REACH. SACHEM is in communication with our suppliers regarding supplier actions to pre-register and register raw materials. SACHEM may be contacting its customers to obtain and provide further information regarding the use of our products. If you use our substances as raw materials in development or production, please contact us.

Reach after 2018, SACHEM has succesfully completed the registration of applicable substances according to the REACH schedule for volume bands, hazard characteristics and other essential factors. For new products or updates of the registered dossiers, SACHEM will work with its customers to provide appropriate information regarding the use of the product.
SACHEM Europe B.V. is SACHEM’s representative for all REACH related information.

For questions regarding REACH and SACHEM, please contact us at

Our goal is to provide our customers with multiple options and support. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of support services including:

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"REACH Services"