Metal Acetylacetonates

Highly pure and typically in crystalline form, SACHEM has produced metal acetylacetonates since 1976. Our metal acetylacetonates are generally used as catalysts, cross linkers, curing agents, and stabilizers in many different chemical products and processes.

Our customers benefit from utilizing our metal acetylacetonates in a variety of applications including:

  • Glass coating (especially Cobalt, Chromium, and Iron)
  • PVC as a stabilizer (Calcium and Zinc)
  • Acrylics and acrylic adhesives (Aluminium and Zinc)
  • Epoxy resins
  • Polyurethane
  • Paints
  • Fuels
  • Olefin processes including polymerization, oligomerization, and transesterification
  • Silicone rubbers

SACHEM remains focused on our customers’ continually changing and specific needs Our chemical expertise and extensive research have equipped us to develop new products to support our customer’s current needs. Please contact us to discuss your interest in solutions of other metal acetylacetonates and solvents.

For more detailed information about SACHEM’s metal acetylacetonate please select a product below.

Available Products
Aluminium (iii) Acetylacetonate
Solid (Al AcAc)
CAS# 13963-57-0
Aluminium (iii) Acetylacetonate Quote Aluminium (iii) Acetylacetonate sample Aluminium (iii) Acetylacetonate Product Sheet
CAS# 21679-31-2
Chromium III Acetylacetonate Quote Chromium-3-acetylacetonate sample Chromium-3-acetylacetonate Product Sheet
Cobalt (II) Acetylacetonate
Co(II) AcAc
CAS# 14024-48-7
Cobalt (II) Acetylacetonate Quote Cobalt (II) Acetylacetonate Cobalt-2-acetylacetonate Product Sheet
Iron (III) Acetylacetonate
Fe(III) AcAc (Solid)
CAS# 14024-18-1
Iron (III) Acetylacetonate Quote Iron (III) Acetylacetonate sample Iron (III) Product Sheet
Nickel (II) Acetylacetonate
(Ni(II) AcAc)
CAS# 3264-82-2
Nickel (II) Acetylacetonate Quote Nickel (II) Acetylacetonate sample Nickel (II) Acetylacetonate Product Sheet
Zinc (II) Acetylacetonate 
Zn(II) AcAc
CAS# 14024-63-6
Zinc (II) Acetylacetonate Quote Zinc (II) Acetylacetonatesample Zinc (II) Acetylacetonate Product Sheet
CAS# 557-09-5
Zincoctanoaat Quote Zincoctanoaat sample Zincoctanoaatr Product Sheet
Zirconium (iv) Acetylacetonate
CAS# 17501-44-9
Zirconium (iv) Acetylacetonate Quote Zirconium (iv) Acetylacetonate Zirconium (iv) Acetylacetonate Product Sheet
"Metal Acetylacetonates"