Discover the Power of Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide (TBAH)

Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide (TBAH), also known as TBAOH or TBA-OH, stands as a formidable organic base, indispensable across a spectrum of applications, from cutting-edge semiconductor technology to the realm of organic chemistry. As a versatile chemical, TBAH serves as both an eluent and a regenerant in the precise science of ion chromatography, showcasing its critical role in analytical processes.Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide

SACHEM: Your Trusted Supplier of TBAH

At SACHEM, we take pride in offering TBAH in various concentrations and solvents, including methanol, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We can provide packaging from lab scale to bulk volumes and are able to ship all around the world.

TBAH is not just a chemical; it’s a catalyst for innovation across multiple sectors:

  • Photoresist Developer: Revolutionizing the photolithography process in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Structure Directing Agent (SDA): Pioneering the design of advanced materials with precise molecular architecture.
  • Flat Panel Display Chemicals: Enhancing the production of high-definition displays for electronics.
  • Advanced Ceramics: Contributing to the development of ceramics with superior mechanical and thermal properties.
  • Wafer Cleaning: Ensuring the purity and performance of semiconductor wafers.
  • Polymer Chemicals: Facilitating the synthesis and modification of polymers for various applications.

Our Product Offerings

Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide, 55% (Aqueous Solution)
CAS# 2052-49-5
Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 55AQ Quote Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 55AQ Sample Ethyltrimethylammonium Hydroxide 20AQ UP Product Sheet
Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide, 40%  in Methanol
TBAH 40% in MeOH
CAS# 2052-49-5/67-56-1
Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 40 MeOH Quote Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 40 MeOH Sample Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 40 in MeOH Product Sheet

Choose SACHEM for Unmatched Quality and Innovation

At SACHEM, we are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of science and technology through our high-purity specialty chemicals. Our Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation, providing our clients with the solutions they need to drive progress in their respective fields. Discover the difference with SACHEM and elevate your projects to new heights with our superior chemical solutions.

"Discover the Power of Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide (TBAH)"