Quality Assurance

Our goal at SACHEM is to continually improve the purity, precision, and consistency of our products and services so we exceed our customer’s expectations. The laboratory-based philosophy of attention to detail and meticulous associate process ownership contribute to the following:

Process Quality
Strategic process parameters are monitored extensively in the production process. Analysis of samples during the production process ensures product quality throughout the entire process.

Analytical Laboratories
A quality control schedule governing instrument calibration, calibration checks and standardization of instrumentation and analytical reagents is maintained to ensure the accuracy of analytical results. Statistical quality control charts of the analytical processes are maintained to ensure accuracy of analytical results.

Final Lot Analysis is performed on samples taken from the packaged containers to ensure that customer’s requirements are met. A retained sample of every lot of qualified product is stored for at least five years for future reference.

Every lot of qualified product is given a unique lot number that includes its unique lab number and production site location for traceability.

Continuous Improvement
Associates of all production and analytical processes are committed to continuous improvement.

"Quality Assurance"