Structured Materials

SACHEM provides structure directing agents and catalytic converter materials for the Structured Materials Market.

ZeoGen™ is SACHEM’s line of Structure Directing Agents (Templates and Extenders) for zeolite synthesis.

We understand the challenges of meeting the stringent quality, environmental and superior performance standards in the catalyst industry.

SACHEM helps you

  1. obtain lab samples for testing
  2. develop and test the zeolite
  3. understand what impurities the zeolite is sensitive to
  4. manage regulatory hurdles (we have small scale samples ready)

We developed our line of ZeoGen™ products and services for highly complex applications.  SACHEM’s support for the zeolite industry includes the design of leading edge structure directing agents from highly pure, precise traditional halide salts as well as more exotic salts. We also specialize in producing an extensive range of ammonium hydroxides that meet the very demanding specifications of the industry and we continuously develop new and unique templates at the request of our customers. We offer ammonium fluorides, hydroxides and templates based on more complex amines. Our templates are provided to customers from benchscale through pilot quantities, and on to bulk shipments.

SACHEM manufactures zeolite raw materials, additives, and auxiliaries critical to the production of synthetic zeolites and catalysts. We specialize in providing zeolite producers with the broadest line of zeolite templates and structure directing agents (SDAs), catalyst and additives necessary for heterogenerous catalysis. Click here for  Structure Directing Agent Consultant Services.

Whether you need a quaternary ammonium hydroxide such as tetraethylammonium hydroxide (TEAH) or a custom manufactured zeolite template, SACHEM has been your partner in manufacturing and developing unique and creative solutions to meet your template and catalyst needs for over 55 years. Please use the form below to contact us about the zeolite you want to manufacture.

Avanta CC™- Performance chemicals for catalytic converter manufacturing – Click here to see available products.

"Structured Materials"