Trimethyladamantylammonium Hydroxide | CAS# 53075-09-5

Trimethyladamantylammonium Hydroxide is a structure directing agent for SSZ-13 Chabazite Zeolite.  SACHEM selectively designs unique structure directing agents (SDA’s) and extenders from a range of highly pure and precise ammonium hydroxides and salts to meet complex performance standards in the industry. The result is a unique partnership between SACHEM and the industry in developing and supplying products that improve processes …and your bottom line.

Why choose SACHEM:

  • High Purity quaternary hydroxidesTrimethyladamantylammonium Hydroxide
  • Precision commercial manufacturing
  • Improved supply chain
  • Unique cage and ring structure
  • Some of the World’s most advanced zeolites rely on SACHEM’s Technology

Reported Applications for SSZ-13 Zeolite:

  • NOX Reduction
  • Methanol to Olefins

Samples are available in 200ml containers. Standard packaging: 55-gallon HDPE drums, totes and tanks.

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Available Products
Adamantium hydroxide, 25%
CAS# 53075-09-5
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We developed our line of Structure Directing Agents (SDA) | ZeoGen™ products and services for highly complex applications.

Synonyms: N,N,N-Trimethylammonium adamantane | 1-Adamantyltrimethylammonium hydroxide | Trimethyl adamantammonium hydroxide

"Trimethyladamantylammonium Hydroxide | CAS# 53075-09-5"