Tetraethylammonium Chloride (TEACl) | CAS# 68696-18-4

SACHEM’s Tetraethylammonium Chloride (TEACl) is a quaternary ammonium compound with the chemical formula C8H20N+Cl, sometimes written as Et4N+Cl with a variety of applications. SACHEM has manufacturing facilities in America, Europe and Asia and can ship our product globally.Tetraethylammonium Chloride


Applications for Tetraethylammonium Chloride

Available Tetraethylammonium Chlorides

Tetraethylammonium Chloride 55% Aqueous
TEACl 55% AQ
CAS# 68696-18-4
Tetraethylammonium Chloride 55AQ Quote Tetraethylammonium Chloride 55AQ sample Tetraethylammonium Chloride 55AQ Product Sheet

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Additional Information on Tetraethylammonium Chloride:

Molecular Weight:  165.2

Formula: C8H20ClN

Other Names: TEA Chloride, TEAC,  N,N,N,N-Tetraethylammonium chloride

Related Categories: Ion Channels, Monovalent Ion Channels, Potassium Channel Modulators, Voltage-gated Ion Channels

"Tetraethylammonium Chloride (TEACl) | CAS# 68696-18-4"