Investment Casting

Reactive metals have been increasingly and widely used in investment casting within automotive, aviation, aerospace, medical and other industrial areas because of their exceptional properties (high specific strength and fracture toughness, excellentHybrid sports car corrosion resistance, etc.) .

SACHEM offers Avanta AC™, a portfolio of chemicals for formulators creating solutions specifically designed for the requirements of reactive metals castings manufacturing challenges.  In an environment of competitive pressure relating to total cost and technology innovation, SACHEM’s Avanta AC™ helps maintain leading edge technologies that exceed the demands for improving performance, cost effectiveness and safety standards.


  • Controllable particle size
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Compositional homogeneity
  • Controllable stoechiometry
  • Re-dispersability
  • Stronger base than NH4OH

Additionally, SACHEM is known for its high purity expertise, quality control and commitment to safety.

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"Investment Casting"