SACHEM delivers highly pure, precise and innovative chemical solutions. By applying our chemical expertise to solve some of industry’s most demanding challenges, we have become a world leader in key markets, including:


SACHEM has been a leader in the electronics market for over 30 years, providing innovative products and services for critical electronics applications.

Flat Panel Display

SACHEM provides high purity and precision based electronic chemicals for Flat Panel Displays, Printed Wiring Boards and Advanced Packaging.

Energy Devices

SACHEM serves a wide range of energy storage applications with ultra-pure metals and anions that are tunable for specific performance needs.


SACHEM has a strong global commitment to provide quality and service to industries requiring cationization agents, such as starch modification.

Catalysts & Zeolites

For over 55 years, SACHEM has developed and manufactured unique and creative solutions to meet a wide range of template and catalyst needs.

Oil & Gas Production

Our product precision expertise enables the design of molecules to achieve specific goals, including clay control agents that increase recovery and production rates.


SACHEM develops and manufactures a line of strong organic base catalysts, building blocks and processing aids for the pharmaceutical industry.


From processing aids to specialized catalysts, SACHEM has been a decades-long partner to polymer producers and others in the polymers industry.

Personal Care

SACHEM develops unique chemical solutions for the personal care industry, including cosmetics additives.


SACHEM offers a unique blend of proven chemical product development expertise, extensive experience in the agriculture industry, and a truly global presence.


Our chemical expertise is the foundation for designing solutions that support and advance your most critical biotechnology applications.