Energy storage devices require innovative high performance electrolyte chemistries. SACHEM manufactures highly pure and efficient solutions that are designed to meet your requirements.

SACHEM’s chemical science expertise allows us to design these highly pure and efficient electrolyte raw material solutions to match your demanding performance requirements. We can leverage our experience in pure and precise chemical components for electrolytes to think in your energy storage device space. And beyond.

Avanta EL™ Salts and Hydroxides for Capacitors
We have available our line of Avanta EL™ salts and hydroxides for capacitors. SACHEM’s Avanta EL™ was engineered to meet highest requirements of today’s electrolyte capacitor manufacturers.

Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors are found by the hundreds in cell phones, mp3 players, computers and other electronic products. For decoupling applications, in order to store large amounts of energy in a very small product, Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are made with advanced ceramic powders.

Avanta AC™ Advanced Ceramics: The Solution
SACHEM offers a new route to improved properties in advanced ceramic applications. Avanta AC™ Ceramics Solutions deliver unique advantages over inorganic compounds in the manufacture of advanced ceramic nanopowders.

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