Saskine™ 80 MB | Caprylyl Glyceryl Ether | 10438-94-5

New 100% naturally derived multifunctional cosmetic ingredient  

Saskine™ 80 MB(INCI: Caprylyl Glyceryl Ether) is derived from 100% vegetable raw materials and can be used in a broad range of cosmetic applications. 

Saskine™ 80 MB is only supplied by SACHEM Europe (The Netherlands) under RSPO certification.

It improves the skin feel of cosmetic formulations and functions as an emollient and mild humectant similar to Saskine™ 50 (INCI: ethylhexylglycerin). 

Moreover, Saskine™ 80MB is multifunctional in that it also enhances the antimicrobial efficacy of typically used preservatives like phenoxyethanol, isothiazolinones or parabens and by doing so enables lower concentrations of the cosmetic preservative in the formulation applied. 

Saskine™ 80MB has similar or better antimicrobial efficacy compared with Saskine™ 50 and can be used as a component in paraben- and triclosan-free, or even preservative-free clean formulations. 

Recommended use concentrations of Saskine™ 80MB as a skin care additive and deodorant active are 0.3 to 1.0%. It can be used in the 2-12 pH range. 

Saskine™ 80MB is very soluble in organic solvents like alcohols, glycols, glycol ethers and paraffin oil. Its solubility in water is limited (ca. 0.1%) and the addition of co-solvents like butylene glycol might be needed in water solutions (or water with lower alcohol mixtures). 

• Produced with 100% natural raw materials 
• Boosts antimicrobial efficacy and enables lower concentrations of typically used preservatives 
• Alternative component in formulations free of parabens or triclosan 
• Multifunctional preservative component with emollient and humectants functionality 
• Naringenin is a 100% natural bioflavanoid found in oranges and grapefruits that protects the purity and prevents odor even in harsh supply chain conditions 

Saskine™ 80MB

INCI: Caprylyl Glyceryl Ether  
IUPAC name: 3-(octyloxy)propane-1,2-diol 
CAS#: 10438-94-5 
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"Saskine™ 80 MB | Caprylyl Glyceryl Ether | 10438-94-5"