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유럽, 아시아 및 아메리카에있는 SACHEM의 지역 지원 시스템과 최첨단 실험실 및 시험 공장은

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백서, 기술 문서 또는 안전 데이터 시트를 찾으면 여기에 있습니다.

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SACHEM unveils CleanFlex blending facility

High purity (down to single digit ppt level impurities) and high volume​  Management of multiple raw materials​  Precision blending and filtration​  Class 100 Cleanroom finished good packaging​  Sampling, QC, and shipment​  Cleburne, TX – SACHEM’s CleanFlex custom blending facility, located at our flagship Cleburne, TX plant, offers high volume, high purity blending at a high throughput in a tightly controlled environment. 
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SACHEM Receives Austin Water's Excellence in Pretreatment Award

June 5, 2023 Austin, TX – The 31st Annual Recognition and Awards of Excellence Ceremony was held at the Austin Central Library’s Special Event Center on April 28, 2023. Cédrick Mahieux, SACHEM’s Director of Innovation & IP, Sustainability & Portfolio Management, accepted the award on SACHEM’s behalf. This award honors distinguished Significant Industrial Users (SIUs)
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SACHEM Associate Works in the Community and Improves Internal Process

January 4, 2023 Cleburne, Texas Jean Leconte has been with SACHEM for 16 years. Mr. Leconte’s expertise is in chemical analysis and safety awareness. Last year he volunteered with CEC (Community Enrichment Center) at a Golf Classic tournament that took place at the Byron Nelson Golf Club. He helped (removed to) set up the tournament
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