SACHEM announced today that it will participate in the Wafer Cleaning Seminar as a sponsor, showcasing new products and capabilities in FEOL selective etching and cleaning. Austin, TX – March 19, 2007 –  SACHEM, Inc. announced today that it will sponsor the Semiconductor International Wafer Cleaning Seminar in Tokyo.  The focus of the one-day technical seminar is new challenges and technologies in wafer cleaning.  SACHEM will showcase Front End of Line (FEOL) selective cleaning and etching technology.  The seminar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, 2007 in the Tokyo Conference Center at Shinagawa.

SACHEM has designed new technology for selective oxide hardmask etch.  SelectEtchTM SE-1100 is a fluoride containing, semi-aqueous etchant designed for removing thermal and doped oxides selectively to silicon nitrides. In addition, SE-1100 has excellent compatibility with Polysilicon and Silicon Nitride (SiN) and Titanium Nitride (TiN).  Selectivity and etch performance significantly exceeds that of traditional chemistries such as dilute HF.

Another new technology performance product, SACHEM’s SelectEtchTM SE-1220, will also be featured. SelectEtchTM SE-1220 represents a significant improvement in high-aspect-ratio contact clean performance.  It successfully removes etch-generated residues from the bottom and sides of advanced contact features.  SE-1220’s chemical design and functionality allow it to remove residues while achieving outstanding surface roughness and maintaining critical dimensions, especially in complex film stacks.

Mark Stasney, Electronic Materials Marketing Manager of SACHEM, Inc., commented, “SelectEtchTM SE-1100 offers radically improved selectivity in removing oxide hardmasks and is especially good at protecting sensitive SiN features.  We are excited to offer process engineers our SelectEtchTMproducts which provide the highest in selectivity performance.”

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