SACHEM Launching New TMAH Alternative for Advanced Ceramics Application

SACHEM Launching New TMAH Alternative for Advanced Ceramics Application

Friday, August 23, 2013   SACHEM introduces Avanta AC™ 4435 as part of TMAH Alternatives solutions for Advanced Ceramics applications.

Although SACHEM maintains TMAH can be manufactured and handled safely given adherence to proper HSEE standards, they realize the need for TMAH alternatives in the market place.

In response to constant regulatory updates, SACHEM developed a platform of alternatives including Avanta AC™ 4435, which exceeds the performance of standard pH adjusters and mineralizers.

Avanta AC™ 4435 provides:

  • Controllable stoichiometry
  • Improved precipitation properties
  • More stability: Lower Volatility than NH4OH
  • Reduced fugitive emissions
  • Low Temperature decomposition
  • Prevents agglomeration


“New Avanta AC™ 4435 provides exceptionally high product purity profiles for metals and halides. It has been developed based on our commitment for TMAH alternative solutions and is tunable for specific performance needs for different applications like Advanced Ceramics, Precision Casting, Metal Oxide sols”, commented Cyril Coppel, Marketing Manager SACHEM Inc.

Prevention of exposure or injury is the primary goal when handling any chemical.  SACHEM is committed to caring for the environment and efficient use of resources.

SACHEM’s technology expertise focuses on critical chemistry for demanding applications in the advanced ceramics and energy market. Through technology innovation, revolutionary customer service and an unwavering commitment to health, safety, environment, and ethics we are a leader in many energy market applications.

Headquartered in the United States, SACHEM is a ISO 9001 and 14001 certified chemical science company with full commercial operations and research facilities in North America, Europe, China and Japan and logistical network spanning over 30 countries.  As a leading manufacturer of high-purity chemicals, SACHEM develops high performance solutions to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.