SACHEM Launches Regenerate™

New ready-to-use Regenerate™ reagents provide convenient, enhanced removal of displacers for displacement chromatography.Austin, TX- February 9, 2007- SACHEM announced today the availability of Regenerate™.  SACHEM’s Regenerate™ reagents work with Expell™ and Isolis™ displacers.  They are selectively designed to work quickly and effectively to regenerate anion and cation exchange chromatography columns after displacement chromatography.

“SACHEM has discovered the right balance between designing displacers with a high affinity towards the column, yet are easily removed upon completion of the experiment.  In most cases, SACHEM’s displacers can be removed with common reagents such as sodium chloride,” commented Dr. Barry Haymore, Director of New Technology at SACHEM.  “SACHEM now offers Regenerate™ as an added convenience for those users desiring a more efficient regeneration process.”  When used together with SACHEM’s protocols, these products will ensure reproducible displacement chromatography results.

SACHEM, Inc. delivers highly pure, precise and innovative chemical solutions designed to solve the most demanding and challenging applications.  For over 50 years SACHEM has provided chemical solutions and services to customers in key markets including electronics, biotechnology, starch modification, polymers, catalysts, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals.  Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM’s expanding worldwide operations include manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with a global service network and presence spanning over 30 countries.