SACHEM Launches Isolis System™

Technology breakthrough enables biotech industry to better analyze and prove product purity through greater sensitivity and precision in identification of trace components.

Austin, TX- January 9, 2007- SACHEM announced today the availability of the Isolis System™ , a powerful sample preparation process utilizing displacement chromatography and SACHEM’s Isolis™ displacers.  The Isolis System™ addresses challenges in characterization, process control, process optimization, biomarker analysis and proteomics.  With the launch of the Isolis System™, SACHEM provides the marketplace with a measurably superior technique to detect minor component biomolecules or impurities.

“There are currently no technologies available that systematically address the problem of low abundance protein and peptide detection even though these represent arguably the most interesting cellular components,” remarked Jim Wilkins, Genentech at HPLC 2006.  With the launch of the Isolis System™, SACHEM now offers a commercially viable method to address this problem.

The Isolis System™ is a two step chromatography system using displacement chromatography to concentrate low abundance materials in discrete transition zones (10-400X) within the displacement train. This sample preparation method removes 95% of main component interference without affinity resins or prior knowledge of component identity.  Any preferred method of analysis (elution, mass spectrometry, etc.) can then be used to analyze these enriched samples.

“The Isolis System™ results are impressive,” remarks Dr. Richard Goodin, VP of Technology at SACHEM.  “Proof of product purity is critical to biopharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies.  This technique enables a significantly improved approach to meeting this important challenge.”

SACHEM’s Isolis System™ includes specifically designed displacers, regeneration agents and simple, easy-to-use protocols.  For additional support, SACHEM provides the technical expertise to make this method easy enough to use everyday.  Isolis System™ products can be purchased at

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