Program enables scientists to understand and evaluate benefits of displacement chromatography.

Austin, TX- April 17, 2007-
 SACHEM announced today the launch of a new displacement chromatography e-Learning program. With the introduction and growing popularity of SACHEM’s Expell™ and Isolis™ displacers, SACHEM is offering customers and scientists worldwide the ability to access information, learn about and explore displacement chromatography at their convenience.

The customized interactive, simulation-based program enables users to gain a deeper understanding of displacement chromatography. In addition, the program offers tips and techniques on utilizing SACHEM’s Expell™ and Isolis™ displacers to achieve optimal benefits and results with displacement chromatography.

“Displacement chromatography is very useful in protein purification, oligonucleotide purification, quality assurance, biocomparability, and process control. As chromatographers we want to understand available purification tools and how to pick the best one for our specific applications, commented Dr. Barry Haymore, Director of New Technology at SACHEM. SACHEM’s online program guides users through the simple displacement procedure allowing them to understand a series of operating parameters. By illustrating critical choices in setting up a successful displacement chromatography experiment, users gain a basic understanding of the technology, and apply and optimize displacement chromatography more efficiently in the lab or plant.

The e-Learning program is available on SACHEM’s website.  Click here to access the course.

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