SN Tech Corporation

SACHEM is working with Nagase Corp. of Japan in a joint venture called SN Tech Corporation.

Q: When was the JV formed?
A: The JV agreement between SACHEM and Nagase was signed on January 16, 2008 and began operations on January 25, 2008.

Q: Why was the JV formed?
A: The JV was formed around a unique technology developed by SACHEM to recycle tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) which is trade marked as the Mobius System™ . SACHEM brings technology and operations to the JV while Nagase brings sales expertise and business relationships so that the technology can be implemented in the market as soon as possible.

Q: What are the Mobius System™ benefits?
A: The Mobius System™ is a recycle process designed for TMAH. This technology addresses increasing concerns regarding environmental protection by minimizing chemical waste, reducing water consumption, and by providing a green process by reusing a valuable chemical over-and-over again. The technology allows electronic fabs to increase manufacturing capacity limits caused by bio-treatment or waste disposal restrictions. As a result, the Mobius System™ offers a total lower cost for lithography processing in electronic fabs.

Q: What is the name of the JV and where is the JV headquartered?
A: The JV is known as SN Tech Corporation and is headquartered at SACHEM’s Osaka, Japan office.

Q: Who is Nagase?
A: Founded in 1832 as a Dyestuff wholesaler, Nagase’s base has since diversified to include Chemical, Plastics, Electronics and Healthcare products. The company has earned a high reputation for supplying raw materials and manufacturing technologies to the electronics industry. Nagase is a publically traded company on the Japan stock market and has approximately 3,500 employees worldwide.

Q: What is the ownership of the JV?
A: SACHEM owns 60% of SN Tech Corporation while Nagase owns 40%.

Q: What is the scope of the JV?
A: The scope of the JV is to jointly promote, install, and operate SACHEM’s Mobius System™ TMAH recycling facilities on-site where large volumes of TMAH are consumed. SN Tech Corp only operates in the Asia region.

Q: Who are the target customers for SN Tech Corp?
A: SN Tech will be promoting the technology primarily to TFT/LCD panel manufacturers. Other large users of TMAH may also be interested.

Q: What SACHEM assets are parts of the JV?
A: Part of our Higashi-Osaka site will be portioned to the JV. The JV will license the recycle technology from SACHEM Inc. The JV will own or lease other facilities at customer sites throughout Asia.

Q: Why did SACHEM choose Nagase as a JV partner for this business?
A: Nagase and SACHEM are a natural fit to jointly promote TMAH recycle technology.
Nagase worked early with SACHEM to encourage our activities with recycle technology and in building our first commercial scale plant in Higashi Osaka.
Nagase is already a leader in the installation of on-site DDS systems for TFT/LCD industry with about an 80% market share. Nagase’s strong relationship with TFT/LCD fabs will provide faster market penetration.
A Nagase DDS system can be programmed to be compatible with an on-site Mobius System™. The Mobius System™ is compatible with many other DDS brands.

"SN Tech Corporation"