SACHEM Exhibiting in the Texas Pavilion at Semicon West, Highlighting High Purity Organic Bases

SACHEM Exhibiting in the Texas Pavilion at Semicon West, Highlighting High Purity Organic Bases

Tuesday  June 10, 2014   SACHEM experts will be available at SEMICON West in the new Texas Pavilion, booth #2334, to discuss our proven product lines designed specifically for the microelectronics manufacturing industry.  The Envure System™ is a platform of high purity organic bases and next generation electronic formulation components for complex developer, cleaning, etching and stripping applications.  Additionally, SACHEM is unveiling an innovative new solution for 3D processing

SACHEM’s Envure System™ includes the following product lines:

The focus today is on high-performance solutions tailored to the increasingly complex process integration schemes required for advanced IC architectures. SACHEM’s Envure System™ products provide formulators, OEMs, and chip manufacturers a broad palette to work with in creating these solutions.

SACHEM’s new TSV Reveal Etch solution is specially designed for fast silicon etching and smooth surface finishing with an etch rate 2-4 times faster than TMAH and KOH.   This new solution is part of a portfolio of chemical components used by formulators creating wafer cleaning, stripping, selective etching, and photoresist developer chemical solutions for 3D packaging applications.

“SACHEM’s developmental reveal etch chemistry combines our core capability in formulation, extensive knowledge of silicon etching and our high-purity expertise. Our solution optimizes etch rate and surface roughness,” stated Kevin McLaughlin, Global Electronic Materials Market Manager at SACHEM, Inc. “We have taken a significant step forward in enabling the TSV process by combining our expertise with that of SSEC,” says McLaughlin.

SEMICON West will be held in San Francisco, CA on July 8-10th. From cutting-edge equipment, processes, and materials, to solutions to today’s design and manufacturing challenges, SEMICON West connects you to the people, products, and technologies advancing the future of microelectronics!

SACHEM, Inc. is a global chemical science company with full commercial operations in the United States, the Netherlands (Zaltbommel), Japan and China. SACHEM has been a leading supplier of products used in photoresist developers, selective etchants, and wafer cleaners for electronics applications. Our high purity expertise enables the design of novel formulation components to achieve complex selectivity goals. Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM’s expanding worldwide operations include manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with a global service network and presence spanning over 30 countries. Contact us for more information, TMAH Safety Best Practices or to schedule a consultation.