SACHEM Exhibiting at SEMICON Europa October 7-9th, Grenoble France

SACHEM Exhibiting at SEMICON Europa October 7-9th, Grenoble France

SACHEM experts will be available at SEMICON Europa Booth #652 to discuss recent process challenges and our proven product lines designed specifically for the microelectronics manufacturing industry.  The Envure System™ is a platform of high purity organic bases and next generation electronic formulation components for complex developing, cleaning, etching or stripping applications. Additionally SACHEM is unveiling two new solutions in the In-Ga-Zn-O  (IGZO) and smooth silicon etching processes.

SACHEM has designed new wet chemical, damage-free etchants for IGZO-based TFT manufacturing.  These proprietary formulations substantially increase the selective etching of the source/drain metals: aluminum, molybdenum, copper and titanium.  The use of an etch stop layer to protect the IGZO channel is no longer required.  This new solution will be the newest member of the Devera™ family of products.

Devera™ is a portfolio of chemicals for formulators creating solutions specifically designed for the requirements of flat panel display (FPD) and light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing challenges. In an environment of competitive pressure relating to total cost and technology innovation, SACHEM’s Devera™ portfolio drives leading edge technologies that exceed the demands for improving performance, cost effectiveness and safety.

SACHEM’s TSV Reveal Etch solution is specially designed for fast silicon etching and smooth surface finishing.  This product has an etch rate 2-4 times faster than TMAH and KOH.   This new solution is part of a portfolio of chemical components used by formulators creating wafer cleaning, stripping, selective etching, and photoresist developer chemical solutions for 3D packaging applications.

”Silicon etching, roughness, and other surface properties are phenomena well-understood by SACHEM scientists. SACHEM is known for high-purity formulation components and we’re leveraging that knowledge to address these new materials and applications, said Kevin McLaughlin, SACHEM’s Global Electronics Marketing Manager.”

SEMICON Europa is the leading trade fair of the European semiconductor industry and more than 300 suppliers of technologies, machines, equipment, components, materials and services for semiconductor production from 20 nations will exhibit.

SACHEM, Inc. is a global chemical science company with full commercial operations in the United States, the Netherlands (Zaltbommel), Japan and China. SACHEM has been a leading supplier of products used in developers, etchants, and cleaners for electronics applications. Our high purity expertise enables the design of novel formulation components to achieve complex selectivity goals. Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM’s global service network spans over 30 countries. Contact us for more information; schedule a time to talk with us at SEMICON, or to schedule a consultation. We love to talk chemistry!

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