SACHEM to Exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2011 Highlighting Envure System™ Next Generation Electronic Performance Products

Austin, TX December 5, 2011 – SACHEM will be exhibiting at SEMICON Japan 2011, December 7-9 in Chiba, Japan. SACHEM’s feature offering this year is the Envure System™, an exciting platform of next generation electronic formulation components for complex cleaning, etching or stripping applications.

SACHEM’s Envure System™ includes the following product lines:

  • Envure™ – high purity organic bases for use in microelectronic applications
  • Envure CI™ – performance products used as corrosion inhibitors
  • Envure CL™, Envure CM™ – cleaner formulary components for integrated circuit (IC) applications
  • Envure DV™ – developer formularies for extreme UV lithography for IC
  • Envure SE™- formulation components most sensitive etch applications
  • Envure ST™ – custom designed performance products for strip applications requiring little water
  • Envure™ Specialties, SiAN Etch™ and SiAN Pro™ – alternatives to TMAH in silicon etching.

“We know the industry is seeking products that offer superior performance and that also enable producers to proactively address safety concerns, commented Rosemary Hoffman, Director of Technology Commercialization at SACHEM. “With the Envure System™, we offer a new generation of higher purity components to meet increasingly stringent quality, safety and performance standards in the electronics industry.

SACHEM, Inc. is a global chemical science company with full commercial operations in the United States, the Netherlands (Zaltbommel), Japan and China. SACHEM has been a leading supplier of products used in developers, etchants, and cleaners for electronics applications. Our high purity expertise enables the design of novel formulation components to achieve complex selectivity goals. Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM’s expanding worldwide operations include manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with a global service network and presence spanning over 30 countries.

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