SACHEM & Sustainability

SACHEM & Sustainability

In 2020 SACHEM was laser focused on weaving sustainability into everything that we do. We have recycling services, green personal care products and products for decreasing emissions. SACHEM is continually reviewing our product portfolio offering for sustainability performance. This means assessing the environmental impact of making the product and the positive sustainable impact to the market and our customers.

Also, we consider our footprint which includes energy consumption, waste and supply chain sustainability efforts. We have found several ways to reduce the amount of waste substantially. We do this by turning it into products that can be well used in the industry.

We believe collaboration is an important part of sustainability and we wanted to share our vision with you:

-We will leverage our ionic technology driving force, applications marketing expertise, and customer focus to create sustainable solutions that protect the environment, improve the quality of life, and support the creation of a circular economy.

-We will improve and transform our operating processes to be more sustainable. Our holistic approach here will include yield improvement, energy improvement, waste reduction and developing altogether more sustainable processes.

-Our business processes and work practices will promote, support, and reflect a sustainability mindset that is deeply woven into the fabric of the company.

Our actions will leave a positive legacy for the world and for future generations.