SACHEM Launches Endura CS™, its Portfolio of Clay Control Agents for Oilfield

Austin, TX February 2, 2012 SACHEM launches Endura CS™ and Endura CSG™, a line of clay control agents for oilfield and fracing applications. Designed as a replacement for Potassium Chloride (KCl), our line of Endura clay control agents provides the most effective way to control clay swelling in aqueous based drilling muds, frac fluids and to increase the viscosity of clay solutions used in paint formulations.

SACHEM’s Endura CS™ portfolio includes Endura CS™ 7813, Endura CS 7814 and Endura CSG™, a more environmental friendly clay control agent option.

“Compared with KCl, SACHEM Endura CS™ can save a customer up to 75% cost, is much less corrosive, easier to use and available globally through out network of distributors and production facilities spanning over thirty countries,” commented John Puryear, Business Director SACHEM.

SACHEM has been a leading supplier of products used in fracing applications for more than 20 years. Our Endura CS™ and Endura CSG™ clay control agents were engineered to  meet increasingly stringent quality, safety and performance standards in the oilfield and paint industries.

“Our product precision expertise enables the design of molecules to achieve specific goals. With SACHEM’s Endura  CSG™ class we want to help our customers achieve both  performance and safety standards,” commented John Puryear, Business Director SACHEM.