SACHEM Expands SelectEtch™ Product Line with SelectEtch™ SE-1100

Selective Etchant offers advanced circuit manufacturers high performance and compatibility critical in forming correctly dimensioned features.

Austin, TX Ã¢â‚¬â€ December 19, 2006 – SACHEM, Inc. announced today the introduction of SelectEtch™ SE-1100, a new high performance selective etching and cleaning product for selective etching of oxides in advanced integrated circuits. SelectEtch™ SE-1100’s pioneering technology incorporates specifically designed functional raw materials which provide low oxide removal process times and enhanced protection for increasingly sensitive SiN features. Unlike dilute hydrofluoric acid (dHF), SE-1100 etches PSG at a very high rate (8000 Ã…/minute versus dHF’s 200 Ã…/minute) with measurably improved selectivity to Silicon Nitrides SiN).

SelectEtch™ SE-1100 is a fluoride containing, semi-aqueous etchant designed for removing thermal and doped oxides selectively to silicon nitrides. In addition, SE-1100 has excellent compatibility with polysilicon and nitrided metals. SE-1100’s low operating temperature range plus its low fluoride concentration make it compatible with most standard materials of manufacture except quartz.

The capability to rapidly etch thermal and doped oxides selectively to low temperature SiN and DCS-SiN can be utilized to create complex structures through the use of sacrificial oxides. Selective removal of sacrificial oxides is critical to the formation of correctly dimensioned features in advanced applications. Silicon-rich nitride films are minimally affected by SelectEtch™ SE-1100.

Dr. Richard Goodin, Technology Vice President of SACHEM, Inc., commented, “SE-1100 Selective Oxide etchant represents another achievement in providing our customers with high performance selective etchant and cleaning formulas that support their manufacturing challenges. The investments made by our Electronic Materials group are producing significant results and thought leadership that will be leveraged across multiple electronics applications.

SACHEM, Inc. delivers highly pure, precise and innovative chemical solutions designed to solve the most demanding and challenging applications. For over 50 years SACHEM has provided chemical solutions and services to customers in key markets including electronicsbiotechnologystarch modificationpolymerscatalysts,pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals. Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM’s expanding worldwide operations include manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with a global service network and presence spanning over 30 countries.

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