SACHEM White Papers

Electronics Market

White paperEffect of Alternative Developer Solutions on EUVL Patterning White Paper

White paper from SACHEM and Osaka University, Keywords: Developer solutions, EUVL Patterning

White paperFabrication of BCE a-InGaZnO TFT with Damage Free Wet Chemical Etchant White Paper

White paper from SACHEM and Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Keywords: Back-Channel-Etch, Wet Etch, a-InGaZnO, Thin-Film Transistor

White paperUse of TMAH in Dry Film Resist Formulations White Paper

Choline performance was substandard to TMAH, Keywords: TMAH, commercial resist strippers

White paperSilicon Etching in Microelectronics White Paper

Review general silicon etch information, Keywords: silicon etch, etchants, etch rates

White paperChemical Recycling

Mobius System® for Recycling TMAH with Water Recovery, Keywords: photolithography, developers, microelectronic chip frabrication

gears49Surface characterization of aluminum substrates exposed to photoresist developers Technical Paper

Reprint from Microlithography News, Keywords: microlithography, photoresist developers, substrates

Energy Market

White paperSACHEM’s Core-Shell Chemistry for Li Ion Application White Paper

SACHEM’s core-shell technology is built from SACHEM’s high purity chemistry for semiconductor applications. Keywords: core-shell, li ion battery, cathode material

White paperThe effect of Chemicals on Clay Minerals White Paper

 Keywords: clay stabilizer, shale inhibitor, KCL, choline chloride

Phase Transfer Catalysis

gears49Intro to Phase Transfer Catalysis Technical Handout

Keywords: reagents, quat, heterogeneous reactions

gears49Tetramethylammonium Salts as PTC Technical Handout

Keywords: TMAH, PTC, hydrophilicity, selectivity

gears49Preliminary Screening Suggestions for PTC Technical Handout

Keywords: phase transfer catalyst

White paperSolvent Choices for PTC White Paper

Keywords: solvent



gears49Synthetic Utility of Tetrabutylammomium Fluoride White Paper


gears49Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide Applications Technical Handout


gears49Ultrasensitive Impurity Profiles by Displacement Chromatography Technical Handout


White paperGlycidyl Ether Chemistry White Paper



White paperAdvanced Ceramics Solutions White Paper



White paperSynthetic Utility of Strong Organic Bases White Paper


White paperNovel Oxalate Precursors for Mixed Metal Oxide Synthesis

 Thermogravitmetric Analysis
gears49Mass Spectrometric Analysis of TMACl Technical Handout


TGA of Tetramethylammonium Chloride 98% Technical Handout


gears49TGA of Tetramethylammonium Fluoride Technical Handout
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