Phase Transfer Catalysts

Phase transfer catalystAs a leading developer of chemical catalyst technologies, SACHEM specializes in Phase Transfer Catalyst (PTC) compounds. These catalysts facilitate reactions across different phases, enhancing the efficiency of heterogeneous processes.

Key Advantages of Our Catalysts:

  • Increased Efficiency: Accelerate reaction rates and yields, significantly reducing production, energy, and waste costs.
  • Cost-Effective Reagents: Enables the use of affordable inorganic bases like sodium hydroxide, simplifying chemical processes and equipment needs.
  • Reliability and Cost Savings: Deliver consistent, high-quality results with minimal energy and waste expenditure, ensuring both reliability and affordability.

Optimize your existing processes or develop new ones with SACHEM’s expertise in catalysis, saving time and resources while improving outcomes.

Salego™ PTC

Explore SACHEM’s range of catalysts tailored for pharmaceutical applications.

Ferrion™ PTC

Discover catalyst solutions designed for the agrochemical sector.

Catana™ PTC

Our polymer market-specific catalysts streamline polymer production processes.

"Phase Transfer Catalysts"