Glycidyl Ether Intermediates - Salego™ INT

Glycidyl Ether IntermediateSACHEM’s glycidyl ether intermediates are building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry.  SACHEM’s Salego™ INT glycidyl ethers are versatile, reactive intermediates used to design new chemical routes for your process development needs. The following white paper demonstrates the versatility of glycidyl ethers in material science and synthetic chemistry in a wide range of applications.


SACHEM’s unique manufacturing technologies enable production of a broad range of glycidyl ether products. Reacted or not, these products can be used in applications such as epoxy formulations, adhesives, fiber treatment agents, monomer-polymer-resins and as a chemical intermediate for a variety of purposes. We welcome discussions about distilled grades (> 98%) as well as custom synthesis of glycidyl ethers for your application.

Advantages of Glycidyl Ether Intermediates

  • Enables new chemical routes to unique structures
  • Simplifies your process
  • Improves asset utilization
  • Improves yield
  • No hazardous material handling
  • Increased versatility in process design

Available Products

Salego™ INT 3315
Pharma Intermediate
1,3-dichloro-2-propanol (DCP 99,0 %)
CAS# 96-23-1
Salego™ INT 3450
Pharma Intermediate
iso-Butylglycidylether (iBGE)
CAS# 3814-55-9
Salego™ INT 3491
Pharma Intermediate
Naphtylglycidylether (NGE)
CAS# 2461-42-9
Salego™ INT 3625
Pharma Intermediate
Tetrabutylphosphonium Hydroxide (TBPH) 40% AQ; Technical Grade
CAS# 14518-69-5


"Glycidyl Ether Intermediates – Salego™ INT"