Clay Control Agents

SACHEM has been a leading supplier of products used in hydraulic fracturing applications for more than 20 years. Our product precision expertise enables the design of molecules to achieve specific goals. SACHEM offers Endura CS™  and CSG™, a  class of “gold standard” clay control agents for oilfield and hydraulic fracturing applications to increase recoveries and production rates.

Designed as a replacement for Potassium Chloride (KCl), our line of Endura CS™  clay control agents  provides the most effective way to control clay swelling in aqueous based drilling muds, frac fluids and to increase the viscosity of clay solutions used in paint formulations. Compared with KCl:

  • Endura CS™ can save up to 75%
  • Endura CS™ is 10x more effective
  • Endura CS™ is much less corrosive
  • Endura CS™ is easier to use
  • Endura CS™ is available when and where you need it


We constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and offer unique products and services to a market well-known for its demanding specifications. Contact us to talk with our team of R&D scientists about your application needs.


"Clay Control Agents"