Catalysts, Additives and Auxiliaries for Polymers

SACHEM offers Catana™ CAA  a product line comprising a wide variety of catalysts, additives and auxiliaries used in polymer applications. Within this segment we offer the following two product families:

  • Metal Acetylacetonates: These metal salts can serve as catalysts, accelerators, curing or crosslinking agents, for many transitions critical chemical transformations in the polymer and hybrid systems. Some of these can serve as replacements for organotin catalysts.
  • Strong Bases: line of homogeneous strong base catalysts that has low metal content and also phase transfer catalysis efficiency
  • Unique products for unique applications

We constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and offer unique products and services to a market well-known for its demanding specifications. Contact us to talk with our team of R&D scientists about your application needs.


"Catalysts, Additives and Auxiliaries for Polymers"