Tetramethylammonium Oxalate

bis-Tetramethylammonium Oxalate | TMA Oxalate

Tetramethylammonium Oxalate SBS™ is a product to improve PCR. Preliminary results show dramatic improvement in PCR when Tetramethylammonium Oxalate SBS™ is used as an enhancer in very low concentration. This product is supplied as .2µm filtered solution in 18 megohm water.Tetramethylammonium Oxalate

bis-Tetramethylammonium Oxalate SBS™ delivers significant process improvements in the manufacture of advanced ceramic nanopowders.

  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Controllable stoichiometry
  • Compositional homogeneity


Available Products

bis-Tetramethylammonium Oxalate, 25% (Aqueous solution)
CAS # 98296-17-4
"Tetramethylammonium Oxalate"