Tetramethylammonium Fluoride (TMAF)

Tetramethylammonium FluorideOnly SACHEM offers a high purity TMAF 20% aqueous version on a worldwide basis. We have manufacturing, logistics and stocking capabilities around the globe to meet your needs.

TMAF 20% Offers:

  • Organically soluble fluoride source which gives you improved solubility relative to ammonium fluoride
  • Stable cation allows higher operating temperatures without decomposition
  • Weak base fluoride solution avoids strong etchant characteristics of fluoride in acidic solutions
  • High purity reduces metal ion contamination issues

Thermogravimetric Analysis – Tetramethylammonium Fluoride

A sample of Tetramethylammonium Fluoride, Tetrahydrate was submitted for Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA). The thermogram for the Tetramethylammonium Fluoride Tetrahydrate sample exhibited an immediate weight loss, slowing briefly at an inflection point at 183°C, then increasing in slope again as the thermogram dropped toward 100% decomposition. No residue remained in the sample pan following the analysis of this sample.


Available Products
Tetramethylammonium Fluoride 20% AQ
CAS# 373-68-2
"Tetramethylammonium Fluoride (TMAF)"