SACHEM Americas Integrated Management System (SIMS) Policy

SACHEM Americas’ Integrated Management System policy is the framework for our commitment to continual improvement in all our activities, including Quality, Responsible Care® (EHS&S), Sustainability, and Ethical performance. We commit to comply, at a minimum, with all applicable laws and regulations in the communities, states, and countries in which we operate, as well as other obligations we accept. Continual improvement of the effectiveness and performance of our Management System and the prevention of pollution are driven by our Corporate Mission and the SACHEM Way. We will share our efforts and our performance with stakeholders/interested parties, and consider their input, as appropriate. By committing ourselves to the Responsible Care® Guiding Principles we acknowledge the privilege we have been given to operate in the Austin and Cleburne communities. We also commit to protect our property and associates, and to continuously improve our product stewardship.

Thomas J. Mooney
Sr. VP/GM SACHEM Americas
REV. 1.1  01/07/19Responsible Care


"SACHEM Americas Integrated Management System (SIMS) Policy"