SACHEM Introduces SelectEtch™ SE-1220 Advanced Contact Cleaner

Greater process control and performance in post-etch residue removal available for advanced integrated circuit manufacturing.

Austin, TX – November 15, 2006 – SACHEM, Inc. announced today the introduction of a new high performance selective etching and cleaning product, SelectEtch™ SE-1220. This newly developed product is designed for selective removal of post-etch residue from high-aspect-ratio contacts in advanced integrated circuits.

SelectEtch™ SE-1220 represents a significant improvement in high-aspect-ratio contact clean performance. The product successfully removes etch-generated residues from the bottom and sides of advanced contact features. SE-1220’s chemical design and functionality allow it to remove residues while achieving outstanding surface roughness and maintaining critical dimensions, especially in complex film stacks. Carefully tuned etch rates on different films prevent notching or “stair-stepping” of the sides of the contact feature.

Using high purity, specifically designed raw materials, SelectEtch™ SE-1220 provides performance in residue removal while providing an easily managed process window, as opposed to traditional contact cleaners. By lowering overall etch rates on dielectrics, process control is enhanced in both single wafer and immersion cleaning tools.

Dr. Richard Goodin, Technology Vice President of SACHEM, Inc., said, “The process control and residue removal performance achieved with SelectEtch™ SE-1220 are the direct result of our investment in research and development, technology and people.” Dr. Goodin also noted, “The ability of our scientists and engineers to consistently develop advanced chemical solutions at the request of our customers is based on their deep formulation expertise and the ability to leverage our chemical science capabilities.”

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