SACHEM's Sustainability Vision

We believe collaboration is an important part of sustainability. SACHEM designed a vision and identified multiple projects to support that vision.

-We leverage our ionic technology driving force, applications marketing expertise and customer focus to create sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life and support the creation of a circular economy.

-We improve and transform our operating processes to be more sustainable.

-Our holistic approach here includes yield improvement, energy improvement, waste reduction and developing altogether more sustainable processes.

-Our business processes and work practices continues to promote, support, and reflect a sustainability mindset deeply woven into the fabric of the company.

Our actions leave a positive legacy for the world and for future generations.


Some key products that promote sustainability are:

Zeolites: Zeolites are widely used as highly efficient catalysts, adsorbents, and ion exchangers in petrochemical industries and in our daily life. Beyond these traditional applications, zeolites are playing an increasingly important role in many sustainable processes. In particular, zeolites have found promising applications in the fields of emissions reduction and petrochemical applications, renewable energy, such as biomass conversion, air-pollution remediation, etc. These applications make zeolites potential candidates as solutions to the sustainability issues in our society. SACHEM’s ZeoGen™ is a portfolio of structured directing agents used to design zeolites.

Personal Care: Saskine™ 80MB is multifunctional in that it enhances the antimicrobial efficacy of typically used preservatives like phenoxyethanol, isothiazolinones or parabens and by doing so enables lower concentrations of the cosmetic preservative in the formulation applied. It is produced with 100% natural raw materials, is a great alternative component in formulations free of parabens or triclosan.

"SACHEM’s Sustainability Vision"