SACHEM Partners with Magna Leadership Solutions to Design Executive Development Courses

November 16, 2022 Austin, TX SACHEM continuously invests in associate development. For the three years, SACHEM partnered with Magna Leadership Solutions to develop our leaders in an increasingly complex global environment. Creating a common language, skills, and methods to help our leaders grow and lead in an inclusive way. The program is highly aligned with the values of the company and intended to drive higher levels higher levels of associate engagement through improved leadership capabilities. The Leading Forward Academy contains six key topics. 

The first is communicating and coaching with purpose, which creates positive interactions without sacrificing results. 

The second workshop focuses on motivating and engaging with employees. Leaders look for motivators and understand the value of autonomy, mastery and purpose. In this workshop, participants balance workplace challenges, job responsibilities, and associate development plans. 

Third, behavior is examined. Leaders learn their own style and how it impacts others, identify, and adapt to other styles, and learn to learn the importance of inclusivity of team members. 

In the fourth workshop, driving forces are explained. Leaders are tasked with understanding how values motivate work. They also learn to identify and align with other values to increase motivation and commitment. 

Critical thinking and problem solving are the focus in the fifth workshop. Learning to define problems and utilize systemic techniques to real workplace challenges.  

Finally, the last workshop is leading with purpose or moving from managing to leading. This includes team development modeling, identifying and prioritizing leadership practices. Leaders discover their core values and their own unique identity as leaders. 

The program was a great success in the United States, The Netherlands, Japan and China.  

Better leaders provide safety and connection for their associates. When associates grow our customers also grow and so do the prospects for a positive experience working with SACHEM. 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, SACHEM is a chemical science company with full commercial operations and research facilities in North America, Europe, China and Japan. Our technology revolves around high purity and is successfully applied in markets like  electronic materials,  oilfield,  catalysts, polymers, pharmaceutical,  agrochemicals, biotechnology and energy materials