SACHEM unveils CleanFlex blending facility

  1. High purity (down to single digit ppt level impurities) and high volume​ 
  2. Management of multiple raw materials​ 
  3. Precision blending and filtration​ 
  4. Class 100 Cleanroom finished good packaging​ 
  5. Sampling, QC, and shipment​ 

Cleburne, TX – SACHEM’s CleanFlex custom blending facility, located at our flagship Cleburne, TX plant, offers high volume, high purity blending at a high throughput in a tightly controlled environment.  Our skilled workforce meets the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry.   

This one-of-a-kind facility is uniquely positioned to supply new fabs, domestically and internationally, with the capability to expand manufacturing capacities quickly and with minimal investment.   

Our CleanFlex blending facility produces high purity, down to single digit ppt level impurities, blends.  The ppt level is dependent upon blend component materials. High volume potential as well. Our team is experienced in the management of multiple raw materials.   

Cleanroom, cleanflex, ultra pure, semiconductor high purity
Class 100 Cleanroom

The temperature-controlled clean processing facility contains a Class 100 cleanroom and finished goods packaging area.  This facility has 6-component liquids blend capability with 4 raw material storage tanks up to 15kgal (room to add 4 additional tanks), 1 line to charge directly from the ISO and 1 line to charge directly from the tote.   

Cleanflex, Cleanroom, Semiconductor high purity
Raw material storage tanks

SACHEM offers access to a full-service certified QC lab with staff training based on the Intel system. We are offering tours now and dedicated use or shared facility agreements are welcome.