Wet Silicon Etch Process for TSV Reveal | Technical Paper Request

Authors: Laura B. Mauer, John Taddei, Ramey Youssef | Solid State Equipment, LLC
Yongqiang Lu, Sian Collins, Kevin McLaughlin, Craig Allen | SACHEM, Inc.

Abstract:  This paper presents a wet process as a simple and cost-effective alternative to the polish/plasma etch TSV reveal process. By combining silicon thickness measurement, wet etch, and cleaning in a single-wafer process system, this platform provides a low cost-of-ownership solution for TSV reveal. The process uses a wet etch chemistry with a fast etch rate and high selectivity, in a single-wafer process tool. The new selective etch chemistry improves the etch rate by 50% or more over traditional Si etchants currently used in the industry, such as tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH). This new etch chemistry also has high silicon-etch selectivity over the oxide liner and Cu, with etch rate (ER) ratios greater than 10,000 and 1000, respectively. TMAH is not a component in the chosen chemistry because of safety concerns specifically related to TMAH toxicity.

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"Wet Silicon Etch Process for TSV Reveal | Technical Paper Request"