HPLC | Isolis™ Applications

By utilizing the principles of displacement chromatography and new, selectively designed displacers, the Isolis™ system is a simple yet powerful two step HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) process that enables significantly improved process and product understanding.

This technology can be applied in a variety of applications including:

  • More fully characterize the product during upstream process development to identify differences due to titer increases or other process modifications before they become downstream challenges.
  • Comparison of a product “fingerprint” from one manufacturing step to the next to identify the effectiveness of that particular process step.  One can now observe quality or operating changes in media or equipment before they reach the final product.
  • The preparative separation and testing of variants that could be harmless or helpful anywhere in the process.  No other technology can achieve the isolation and enrichment that the Isolis™ system delivers.

HPLC is particularly useful for the separation of large molecular weight materials that have very low volatility and cannot be separated by gas chromatography. The main applications are within biotechnology and life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry. 

"HPLC | Isolis™ Applications"