Propell™  is SACHEM’s family of displacers for oligonucleotide purification using anion exchange chromatography.  They are selectively designed to have the necessary affinity towards anion exchange chromatography media yet still be effectively removed under recommended regeneration conditions.

Propell™ displacers coupled with displacement chromatography enable significant improvements in oligonucleotide purity and yield.

Benefits of utilizing Propell™ displacers:

  • Used in high loading displacement mode, Propell™ Q displaces oligonucleotide off of your column at high concentration and high purity.
  • Purified oligonucleotide contains only loading buffer allowing users to proceed directly to the next step with no additional processing
  • Only the last few fractions of the last component will contain Propell™ Q and that can be readily removed via dialysis or ultra filtration
  • Offers an effective alternative to scaling reverse phase chromatography.