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At SACHEM, we have harnessed over 50 years of expertise in providing high purity, precision chemical solutions and combined it with innovative displacement chromatography technology to create a portfolio of enabling displacers called Expell™, Propell™, and Isolis™ for use in protein and oligonucleotide purification and impurity isolation.

Expell™ displacers coupled with displacement chromatography enable significant improvements in protein purity and yield in laboratory and large scale production.  Expell™  is SACHEM’s family of displacers for anion exchange chromatography for use in these applications.  They are selectively designed to have the necessary affinity towards anion exchange chromatography media and can be predictably scaled up from lab to production scale.  Regeneration protocols are provided to effectively and reproducibly remove the displacers from the chromatography column.

Isolis™ Applications: By utilizing the principles of displacement chromatography and new, selectively designed displacers, the Isolis system is a simple yet powerful two step HPLC process that enables significantly improved process and product understanding.

This technology can be applied in a variety of applications including:

  • More fully characterize the product during upstream process development to identify differences due to titer increases or other process modifications before they become downstream challenges.
  • Comparison of a product “fingerprint” from one manufacturing step to the next to identify the effectiveness of that particular process step.  One can now observe quality or operating changes in media or equipment before they reach the final product.
  • The preparative separation and testing of variants that could be harmless or helpful anywhere in the process.  No other technology can achieve the isolation and enrichment that the Isolis™ system delivers.

These displacers are designed and manufactured with high purity and precision. They operate on the molecular level in order to solve your most challenging processing issues and support the most demanding applications.

From discovery to commercialization, SACHEM’s displacers and displacement chromatography lower costs, shorten cycle time and improve product purity in a wide range of applications.  SACHEM provides a consistent, reliable supply of high purity displacers in quantities that support applications from the laboratory to plant production.

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Expell™ SP1 – Cation Exchange Protocol for protein purification
Available in 60 ml – $699

Expell™ Q3 – Anion Exchange Protocol for protein purification
Available in 60 ml – $699

Isolis™ SP2 – Cation Exchange Protocol
Available in 60 ml – $699

Isolis™ Q4 – Anion Exchange Protocol
Available in 60 ml – $699


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